4 November, 2016




Since that very first moment you start your own business, leadership is calling you. You need to learn to lead yourself and your team. Your emotions, your mind, your body and your spirit, must be ready to support the business in the “millennial world” we are living today.

Luciana Paulise, founder of Biztorming Training & Consulting, has developed the 8 steps to boost your Leadership course which will give you and your middle managers the tools to change your mindsets. Instead of being heroes and decision makers, you will become facilitators and develop those who will work with you.


8 steps to boost your Leadership

This course is aimed at explaining with practical examples a new leadership model. This model has its root on the Deming System of Profound Knowledge provided by The Deming Institute.

Today’s global, high speed, complex, and disruptive business environment demands more dynamic leaders to achieve quality, continuous improvement and keep up with the demands of the new generations. Companies need to make their organizations more adaptive and agile to play many roles with different mind-sets.
Still, is true that there are many companies, especially small and familiar business, which continue looking forward to pursue efficiency the old way, and at the same time ask themselves, why their teams are nor committed or motivated at work.
Small Business owners in particular need to learn to be flexible to quickly adapt to changes and teach their employees to be agile as well.

Throughout the course you will develop four competencies to be agile:

  • Intelectual competence: How to understand results, monitor them and make sound decisions.
  • Physical competence: How to get involved with issues and go to the “gemba” to a better problem solving approach.
  • Emotional competence: How to make our emotions and the ones from our associates work for us, and not against us.
  • Spiritual competence: How to see the “big picture” and understand the responsibility we hold as business leaders.

Individual Coaching sessions

You can choose to learn about the 8 steps to boost your leadership in 8 simple one-on-one coaching sessions on-line.

Course Length: 8 sessions

Length of each session: 1 hour

In-company Course

Get your team ready to take the 8 steps to boost their leadership by getting the in-company course. There will be some introductory theory and In-class Exercises.

After the course, you will receive a Certificate of completion and Reading material in digital format.

Taxes are included. Travel is included within the US and Argentina. Other Countries ask for quote.

Training room, meals or printed material are not included.

Course Length: 2 full days


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