4 November, 2016

Process Improvement


Process Improvement

We are here to help you build a culture of process improvement. Through our systemic consulting approach, we provide your team with the main tools to embrace continuous improvement, quality and innovation. Every day in each and every step.

If you want to grow strong, you cannot do it alone, you need to have a team. And you need the right culture. You need to boost each of the talents of your associates and their ability to work together. Michael Jordan used to say “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.”

The following training offering is based on Biztorming™ standard content. Each topic can be delivered in three formats: 2 hours, half-day or one-day session. The length of the course depends on the mix of theory and practical exercises. Training material can be customized and delivered in-company or online based on the business requirements.

Methodologies that we offer:

5S methodology for workplace organization

5S is a system that makes it easier to organize, sort, clean the workplace, keep it safe and maintain it through time. The objective is to reduce costs, identify defects quickly and encourage self-discipline in your team process.

• Introduction to Process Improvement

The program includes basic Lean, Six Sigma and Deming management tools that employees can use to solve problems or implement improvements in their team processes back at work. The course is based on the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.

• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management standard

The ISO 9001 course provides an overview of the quality management standards and the changes provided by the new 2015 version.

• Lean in Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing is an industry-specific course on the application of Lean and quality management in a Manufacturing setting. Its basic usefulness is in providing the tools to identify and eliminate waste throughout the manufacturing process, thereby increasing efficiency and profit. Quality improves as production time and cost are reduced.

• Lean in Healthcare

Lean in Healthcare is an industry-specific course on the application of Lean and quality management in a Healthcare setting. This course will provide a practical understanding of how to effectively use the methodology and tools, to improve projects in a healthcare environment. It also highlights examples, case studies and a sample project to reinforce and provide insight on the enhancements that are possible by implementing Lean Six Sigma. There is little room for errors in healthcare. With these tools you can improve the quality of patient care, reduce operating costs and resolve daily issues and mistakes.


Training sessions can also be complemented with the implementation of the programs in-company, with hands-on support from our consultants. Full implementation takes four steps: assessment, training, hands-on implementation and audits.

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