4 November, 2016

Small Business


Small Business

Whether you started with a small business 2 years ago or you only have a brilliant idea, you need to plan how to go to the next level: how to sell more, in a more efficient way and far less costly. The sooner you think about every detail of your business the better, remember “Time is money”. We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and small business to help them standardize their processes just like a big company. If you want to be big, you have to look big.

We offer four main services to help you organize your business in a way that is more profitable, easier to manage and most importantly, Stronger to overcome the unexpected.

  • People development Memberships: On-site coaching and Individual Memberships for online access to e-learning material, articles and webinars
  • Growth Plan: We will assess your business to help you apply Process improvement techniques and Lean Six Sigma to reduce costs, Customer Management to increase sales or Process standardization to enable franchising
  • Business Development: Business plan and Marketing plan coaching and development for startups
  • International expansion: Business trips to US and Argentina


Services included Membership Growth Plan Business Plan Marketing Plan
Assessment by a consultant X X X
Action plan X X X
Visit the Facility

or On-line

Online Training: e-learning, webinars and articles X Online Online or at your facility

(outside Texas request quote)

Leadership Training X X X
Team Training X
Frequency Monthly TBD 1h x 8 sessions 1h x 4 sessions
Price $ 15 / person or $ 99 x 10 $150 / hr $ 150/session  $600

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